Like A Bamboo (2014)

like a bamboo —

Trying to level my hurt and suffer
I happen to look in [special offer]
I feed the piece that wants proffer
I need the peace but lack a coffer

I’m not used to rebel or complain
When the tide is low don’t explain
Everything ends in itself. It shows
From feral to restful. comes, goes

I know that ‘joy’ is not normal yet
And that doubt divides into regret
I feel its false. (from sum to weep)
I engulf into an agonize very deep

Bis! I even kiss an uneven bottom
A course, a mar depth, a forgotten
In times of storms a sorrow waver
‘A grin’, after I balance and quaver

I’m just like a stick, like a bamboo
Bend but don’t break in a monsoon
Yet, not only the ‘happiness’ cease
The ‘sadness’ does too. So, “I seize”

Like the loose boat in the outspread
Not choosing the route I lose my bed
On a night like this, I raise a met bait
I praise the Almighty for His set gate


— Ricardo Sexton

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